Tired of Paying for Oil Spill Excavation, Trucking and Landfill Fees?

We represent several technologies to treat oil and saltwater spills in-situ. Remediade™ is a high-effective and eco-friendly, all natural and organic solution to rapidly remediate hydrocarbon spills in soil and water. Depending on the weight and amount of refining, Remediade™ can clean up gasoline and diesel in 5-7 days and crude oil in 2-3 weeks.

Hydrocarbon Applications

  • Tank Batteries Leaks or Overflow
  • Pipeline Breaks
  • Wellhead spills
  • Storage Tanks
  • Refinery Clean Up

Sal-Gone is a formulated product designed to overpower sodium contamination in soil due to brine spills. It effectively blocks the sodium ion interference in plant growth while dramatically increasing the ion exchange capacity of the soil. Both of these products can treat hydrocarbon and saltwater spills in-situ reducing overall costs for the operator.

pumpjack on an oil well
crude oil storage tanks
pumpjack in the middle of a hay field

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Remediade™ and Sal-Gone are manufactured by Varichem International.