CASE HISTORY Lasalle Parish


Operator Issue & Background:

An operator in LaSalle Parish located in North Louisiana was producing two wells that required consistent Hot Oil Treatments every 14 to 21 days due to Paraffin deposits and total blockage in the tubing and flow lines to the tank battery.

The Wells are approximately 2200 feet deep with casing set at 1000 feet and an open hole completion in the Middle Wilcox Formation. This formation has a prolific problem with Paraffin reducing oil yields by restricting flow both on surface and within the formation. Production was 3 barrels/day for each well prior to treatment.

Treatment Specifications:

SAFDEPARwas selected as it is a non-hazardous, field proven, versatile proprietary product that has been formulated specifically for removing and dispersing Paraffin deposits in oilfield applications. Batch Treatments of 3 to 4 gallons of SAFDEPAR for each well were made on a weekly basis and circulated for 15 minutes.

Results of Treatment:

Operator has reported that NO Hot Oil Trucks were required during a six-month period while utilizing SAFDEPAR, saving the customer approximately $10,000 per well after accounting for chemical costs. The operator also reported higher oil yields during this six-month period due to lack of restriction of the flow line.

Safety, Treatment Options and Packaging:

SAFDEPARcan be used to treat Paraffin deposits in tank batteries, pipelines and downhole tubulars. Squeeze jobs with SAFDEPAR can treat Paraffin deposits in the wellbore and formation. SAFDEPAR is shipped as a Class 55 Non-Hazardous product and is available in 55 gallon drums or 275 gallon totes.

SAFDEPARhas passed the LC50 for shrimp and is safe for use around water(Inland Barges, Offshore Platforms).

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