CASE HISTORY Shongaloo Field


Operator Issue & Background:

A well in the Shongaloo Field in North Louisiana utilized a mono pump to produce 38 Barrels of Oil Per Day (BOPD) with a 24 API Gravity oil and 230 Barrels of Water Per Day (BWPD) from the Buckrange Formation at 4,400 feet. Oil production would taper down to 20 BOPD every 3-4 weeks, triggering the need to hire costly Hot Oil Truck Services to recover production. SAFDEPARwas selected as it is a non-hazardous, field proven, proprietary product that has been formulated specifically for removing and dispersing Paraffin deposits in oilfield applications.

Treatment Specifications:

A 55 gallon drum was spotted at the bottom of the hole and bullheaded into the formation with 20 barrels of lease crude using a hot oil truck. The well was shut in overnight to allow the SAFDEPARto work through the Paraffin plugging the pathways to the wellbore and restoring the permeability of the formation

Results of Treatment:

When the well was put back online, the initial production was 40 BOPD with the same 230 BWPD. After six months the well finally tapered to 20 BOPD, the customers trigger point to normally call out for Hot Oil Treatment. During the six months following treatment, No Hot Oil Trucks were Required saving costs of 6-8 Hot Oil Treatments! An additional cost saving seen was the reduced amperage requirements, saving on electricity costs. These costs savings alone paid for the SAFDEPAR. The treatment was repeated, yielding the same results.

The need for routine Hot Oil Truck treatments for maintenance was eliminated. When the tubing was pulled, it was Paraffin free.

Additional Benefits of Treatment:

An unexpected benefit was the performance of the Field SWD well. The injection pressures allowed by the state had been exceeded prior to the use of SAFDEPAR. The operator was told to shut down the SWD well. Injection pressures in the SWD well dropped well below the state’s allowable limit once the produced water with the residual SAFDEPAR started hitting the perforations. This created an additional savings by reducing the need for remedial work on the operator’s SWD well.

Safety, Treatment Options and Packaging:

SAFDEPARcan be used to treat Paraffin deposits in tank batteries, pipelines and downhole tubulars. Squeeze jobs with SAFDEPARcan treat Paraffin deposits in the wellbore and formation. SAFDEPARis shipped as a Non-Hazardous Product and is available in 55 gallon drums or 275 gallon totes. SAFDEPAR has passed the LC50 test for shrimp and is safe for use around water (Inland Barges and Offshore Platforms).

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